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Boxer Welfare Scotland

Founded in January 2005, Boxer Welfare Scotland became a registered charity in July of the same year and since then they have rescued and rehomed hundreds of Boxer dogs via their adoption scheme. This charity is fairly small and does not have a ‘centre’ as such, instead using their trusted network of foster homes to look after a dog before a new ‘forever home’ is found for them.

We've Donated £2,500!

Boxer Welfare Scotland (BWS) has been committed to rescuing and re-homing boxer dogs since 2005. In July, BWS entered the Animal Friends Charity of the Month competition and took away a prize of £1,500.

The donation has contributed to the day-to-day running of BWS and their vital work including funding kennel fees and vets bills for their residents.

One dog who has benefited from the funded vets bills is Roxy. Roxy is a beautiful 3-4year old boxer who was brought to BWS in 2011. She came to the shelter suffering from a heart murmur so upon rehoming, BWS decided to cover any medical costs involved with this condition in the future. After a 4 week stay, Roxy was adopted and taken home to live with her new, loving family.

Unfortunately, earlier this year Roxy became very poorly and her vet was unable to diagnose her condition. She was referred to another practice for further examination, so in desperation to get answers about Roxy’s illness, her owners approached BWS for help.

The practice discovered that Roxy was suffering from aplastic anaemia; a condition which causes a lack in red blood cells. She was prescribed medication to help restore her blood count and has since been responding well to treatment and is now a much happier and brighter boxer.

Roxy still has a way to go before she is back to her old self after suffering a reaction to the medication which caused her to develop abscesses on her back. Thankfully, she has a lovely sweatshirt to cover them up till she fully recovers.

Roxy’s owners said: “We would not have been able to afford Roxy’s treatment without the help of Boxer Welfare Scotland. Roxy needed immediate treatment from the vet school and without this she would not have survived. We cannot thank BWS enough and know they are extremely grateful for the help that Animal Friends have given them towards this allowing them to help Roxy with her on-going treatment”

Boxer Welfare Scotland would like to say a massive thank you to Animal Friends for their very generous donation.





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