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Caring For Animals 2001

Promoting the well-being of all animals they deal primarily in the rescue, neutering and rehoming of feral cats. Cats in their care can be sponsored, living free roaming but enjoying a safer life due to being neutered and provided food and a safe environment.

We've Donated £1,500!

Caring for Animals 2001 (Charity No: 1097762) exists to help all animals. We currently operate from a house and its back garden but the animals need more. The dream is to have land to give more freedom thus a better life to the animals in our care. We normally give permanent sanctuary to feral cats, old cats and virus positive cats as very few people offer to give them a home. These groups of cats i.e. feral, old and virus positive are so often needlessly destroyed; feral cats because they are hard to work with, difficult to take to the vet if they are sick, awkward and time consuming to flea and worm etc.

The virus positive cats are often tame but unneutered – gorgeous, healthy looking, sometimes huge but put to sleep through no fault of their own. The old cats obviously because vet bills can be expensive. We presently have nearly 150 of these cats but desperately need to get larger premises so the numbers of cats saved can increase. Basically, we need land so these existing cats and more can roam and have improved quality of life. We would like to advertise nationally that we take FeLV and FIV cats, wild or tame, but cannot through lack of space and planning restrictions. Together, we could save hundreds more if not thousands. Elderly pets are always very difficult to re-home so with land we could give sanctuary to older dogs as well as cats.

We work with other charities so if it is a dog in need of a home, even rabbits or guinea pigs, we try our hardest to find space elsewhere if we cannot accommodate. We have some beautiful cats and kittens looking for a loving home; please help us to care for them while they wait, with a donation, by post, bank deposit or on our website.





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