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Doris Banham Recue

The Doris Banham Dog Rescue save 100s of pound dogs from destruction every month. Their dedicated volunteers take them to safe rescue places with non-destruction policies. If a rescue place cannot be found in time to save the dog’s life, they pay for a temporary boarding place until they can move the dog to rescue.

We've Donated £50,600!

Harvey is so pleased to tell you that he is feeling a lot better now. He recently returned for a second stay with the amazing Animal Health Trust’s Centre for Small Animal Studies, a centre of excellence where Harvey’s condition had been finally diagnosed. It was absolutely wonderful to see a staffy cross from the pound being treated with such veterinary expertise, respect and genuine concern for his health and happiness. Here he was loved by everyone and he knew it and we will always be grateful to them for their expertise and for giving Harvey the value he so deserves.

The reason for his readmission was a slight relapse of his condition to enable him to have further investigations including an MRI and spinal tap to ensure that he had no additional problems which were affecting his recovery. All tests have proved negative and his original diagnosis of phenobarbitone-responsive sialadenosis reconfirmed. However, Harvey’s medication has been reviewed and he has been prescribed his phenobarbital three times a day and an additional mini-loading course of potassium bromide to achieve a more steady serum level that is less subject to fluctuations throughout the day.

Although the hospital staff kept him as long as they were able, he became far too well and active to stay there and our Jan and Rob at Coningsby kennels bravely stepped up to manage his recovery. Their wonderful care and dedication mean that he is now going from strength to strength. He is walked with a very soft harness and both water and food are in raised bowls. Harvey is so grateful to Jan and Rob for their vigilance to his rigid tablet routine and excellent care. Harvey is being fed on Royal Canin Sensitivity diet and we are working with Royal Canin to explore the possibilities of them sponsoring his food. Thank you also to the volunteers who travelled the long distances taking Harvey to and from the Centre for Small Animal Studies without whom none of this would have been possible.

The reason we were able to meet a substantive amount of the bill for Harvey’s readmission to the Animal Health Trust was the extreme generosity of our patron Anthony Head, actor and singer, who auctioned his sweatshirt from his film Ghost rider Spirit of Vengeance. This raised an enormous £1,166.83 and we have passed this directly to The Animal Health Trust for Harvey’s care. We are so grateful to Anthony for doing this wonderful thing for us and for Harvey it was a literal lifesaver and enabled him to have his further tests and his medication honed which has put him on the road to recovery.

As Harvey continues to progress we will be looking for a loving home for him – someone special who can deal with a charismatic lively staffy and also cope with his medications. Please let me know if you are that person. Although Harvey is not too bad with other dogs and has lived in kennels with dogs on either side of him without problems, it would be better if he went to a single dog household, particularly as his condition makes it necessary to keep his stress levels down.

Please please continue to help Doris Banham Dog Rescue to support Harvey’s veterinary care. His medications and food are costly but he is worth every penny of it. Throughout his ordeal his tail has never stopped wagging and his wonderful personality and kisses have charmed everyone he has met. Together, never  giving up on him, we have got him so far.   Please can we all pull together for him again. Standing orders for £1.00 or £2.00 per month dedicated to Harvey would build a fund for him alone and enable us to plan his medication bills. Details are on the website www.dogsos.co.uk. Every hour of every day healthy staffy crosses are dying in the pounds as if they had no value – dispensable items that can be thrown away like rubbish and worth nothing in our money orientated society. I have seen freezers literally overflowing with staffies trussed in dustbin bags. We all stood up with Harvey and said no – you can’t put a value on life and he has fought alongside us all the way with his zest for life and his loving nature. Please continue to help us to show him that whilst he loves his life we will never let him down.

Thank you to everyone.





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