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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

On the twelfth day of Christmas Animal Friends donated to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust!

12 Days of Christmas Charity Giveaway 2016: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was established in 1959 in Jersey by Gerald Durrell. Gerald wanted to concentrate more on animal conservation rather than just entertainment.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has always concentrated mainly on protecting and working with rare and endangered species from mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust continues the amazing work that Gerald started and is still working towards its mission, saving endangered species from extinction. Durrell’s continue to make a difference through its amazing work and determination, continuing to follow in Gerald Durrell’s footsteps, allowing his legacy to live on. Animal Friends Directors Elaine and Chris Fairfax visited Durrell’s in Jersey to present the amazing final 12 days of Christmas cheque.


Gerald will always be at the heart of Durrell’s and in all that they do, continuing to save and protect endangered species.

Our final Christmas donation is to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust for the staggering amount of:

12 Days of Christmas Charity Giveaway 2016: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust 3

This is a phenomenal amount that will be put towards the new Bat enclosure, giving the bats currently in their care an entirely new home that is big enough for the bats to fly freely. We can’t wait to see the the finished enclosure which will be open in 2017.


As always, we can’t thank our policy holders enough for continuing to use Animal Friends, as without you we would not be able to make such amazing donations.

If you want to find out more or see what Durrell are up to, give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook or go check out their website.

Merry Christmas to all at Durrell!





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