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Happy Staffie Rescue

Happy Staffie Rescue is an independent registered charity, formed in 2009 by dog lovers who had witnessed the growing plight of the Staffordshire Bull terrier breed through their work with other dog rescue organisations.

Staffordshire bull terriers account for more than 40% of all dogs in rescue centres. They have attained an unwelcome and largely unjustified reputation that had little to do with the breed and everything to do with social and cultural changes in the type of people owning them, as well as an unwanted expansion in their breeding and the poor standards of care given to them.

We operate a community-based neutering scheme, subject to funds, in which we pay for the neutering of Staffordshire bull terriers if their owners are unable to afford it themselves. The problem with unwanted Staffies unfortunately has not diminished but we pride ourselves on never giving up on a dog, having a non-destruction policy and working with behaviourists and trainers to rehabilitate dogs. We support new owners to ensure the rehoming process is successful by keeping contact and responding to any problems that might arise.

One such dog that epitomises the Happy Staffie Rescue spirit is Jet, who came to us on 4th March 2011 and was rehomed successfully, being taken in by Tracy and Paul. They have sent us a fantastic update to let you all know how she is getting on.

“Jet joined the family on 12th March 2011 after a seamless adoption from the Happy Staffie Rescue team that took only a few days from falling in love with Jet to collecting her. She settled in to her new family straight away without any problems. Her very first day with us was a trip to the stables to watch our youngest daughter on her riding lesson where I expected Jet to at least be timid but no, she charmed everyone there with her yawning followed by a noise to say look at me.

Walking Jet every day is a pleasure as she walks beautifully on or off the lead, knowing not to pull and slowing down if she gets a little ahead of herself. She doesn’t bark at the door, run after the postman or even eat the letters. However, the only time she does bark is at me when I’m kicking a football in the garden with her and I haven’t kicked it quick enough, she reminds me she is waiting!!!!

In the short time Jet’s been with the family she has done lots – two trips to the seaside where she runs in and out of the sea and won’t sit down for a rest, and a camping trip with all our friends are just a few to name. She copes so well with different scenarios, at one point she was sat outside the tent with a friend of ours wrapped in a pink blanket snuggled up on her lap!!! What a softie.

Around the house Jet is golden. She knows when it’s bed time and doesn’t play up and she greets all the family members in the morning with a visit to every bedroom to give us all a big lick. She eats her food without any trouble and doesn’t beg for food at all. She loves our two daughters aged 10 and 15 who sometimes offer to walk her, which I’m comfortable with as she is so good on the lead.

I would strongly recommend adopting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier; they are great with kids, very intelligent and importantly FUN. I have met many people over the last few months who also own Staffies and they all say the same thing.”





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