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Horse World

Horse World began by campaigning to save the lives of working horses, ponies and donkeys around the time that motor vehicles were becoming popular to use instead, helping these horses retire rather than being destroyed. 60 years on, the charity continues to work by rescuing, rehabilitating and re-home abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses.

Horse World rescues over 100 horses a year from varying predicaments and cares for some 140 horses, ponies and donkeys on its site between Bristol and Bath.

Each year hundreds of youngsters benefit from interacting with our rescued horses through our educational programme,the HorseWorld Discovery Course, with incredibly positive results. The young people who have attended this course have had life changing experiences through achieving qualifications as well as recorded improvements in their confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.

Our innovative educational programme, Discovery, brings our rescued animals together with young people who have physical or emotional needs, in tailored educational programmes.  Course leader Sharon Howell comments that, “The horse is an ideal tool for the promotion of emotional growth and learning in young people with special educational needs”. (more…)

HorseWorld Trust rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes neglected and mistreated horses, ponies and donkeys as well as supporting vulnerable young people through our tailored educational programme, Discovery, which brings our rescued animals together with young people who have physical or emotional needs. Registered Charity No: 1121920.

When the Chips are down for Equine Rescue Charities

At HorseWorld we rescue on average six horses a month and one of our biggest frustrations is we often cannot see the perpetrators, of what are often horrific cases of cruelty and neglect, taken to account for their actions through the courts because ownership cannot be proved. (more…)