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In line with the predictions of this year’s equine crisis report, the HorseWorld Rescue Season has started early this year. We are investigating more welfare concerns than ever before.

A year ago in October 2012 the major equine rescue and rehoming organisations in England and Wales released a report showing the immense pressure they are under due to the increasing number of horses and ponies needing their help. The organisations warned that, should there be another harsh winter, they will be physically unable to cope with the estimated 7,000 horses that are defined as being ‘at risk’. At the time, Director of Welfare Jerry Watkins told the BBC that “we are being inundated with abandoned horses which people can no longer afford to keep. The economic downturn is a contributing factor, people aren’t buying horses yet the breeders continue to breed for a market which no longer exists. A horse can be bought for £5 in some places, the same price as a hamster”. (more…)