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Inti Wara Yassi

Inti Wara Yassi and Leoncio’s story.

Leoncio was born in the jungles of Bolivia. Most young pumas will stay with their mother until they’re about two-years-old, learning from her the skills they need to survive in the wild. This, however, was not to be the case for Leoncio.

He was still a very young and vulnerable when cub when hunters killed his mother, captured him and stole him from the wild. It is most likely that the hunters put Leoncio and his mother’s fur up for sale on the black market. Leoncio ended up being kept as a pet in a family home in La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city. We do not know how he was treated when he first arrived at the family home, but problems started when he began to grow into a young adult puma. (more…)