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K9 Focus

K9 focus‘ sole focus is to rescue unwanted and abandoned dogs. Also aiming to increase public awareness of the plight of many dogs which are simply dumped in pounds and have 7 days before they are killed.

K9 focus is run entirely by volunteers who give their valuable time freely and without whom many dogs would die.

K9 Focus took part in the Animal Friends Facebook Competition. They received funds to assist with their rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Molly’s Rescue Mission

You just know there is a crisis when the rescue phone rings, the mobile is vibrating and your personal (only known to a selected few), phone is ringing at the same time – oh and it is Christmas with the rescue supposedly closed down until January!

It was 21st December and Janet from Kinnings Kennels, where we keep our rescue dogs, was desperately trying to get hold of me to alert me to an appeal on one of the dog forums for a rescue to take in a very poorly, emaciated boxer cross. Molly was in the dog pound in Oswaldtwistle, Lancs and was so thin that she couldn’t stand and they were not actually sure if she was going to make it through the night, weighing only 19kgs. She was also covered in little puncture wounds on her head and face with a couple of large wounds on her front legs – we have no idea how these were came about or what her background was. All we knew was that she needed some loving care urgently if she was going to make it. (more…)