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Pennine Pen Animal Rescue

Please be aware that this post contains imagery that some readers may find unsettling.

One sunny morning a little female Shih Tzu dog was found tied to our rescue gates. She was tired and dirty, very scared and confused. The huge mats in her coat were highly visible and overall she looked to be in an appalling condition. We untied the frightened little dog and she was carried into the rescue. She was terrified, she could not see us; we named her ‘Summer’.

Summer’s eyes were very badly infected and had been left untreated for a long time; her nails were extremely overgrown and had curled back into her pads leaving her unable to walk. Summer was also infested with fleas and the mats in her coat were pulling tight on her skin, even her ears and skin were infected. She was also in immense pain as she struggled to take a few steps, it was such a sad sight to see yet she weakly wagged her tail grateful for the company of our rescue staff.

Summer desperately needed veterinary treatment and was taken to the vets.  We all hoped that she would be strong enough to recover from the abuse she had suffered and that her sight could be saved.

Pennine Pen - Summer Before

We are happy to say that Summer did make an amazing recovery and she is now happily settled in her new forever loving home. Summer loves her walks and hugs and has a favourite teddy to cuddle up to at night. She is a loving, friendly and happy dog despite all that she has been through.

Thank you for taking an interest in Pennine Pen Animal Rescue, please let us tell you a little about ourselves. We are an animal charity established in 2001, we take in and re-home unwanted and abandoned dogs, cats and other small animals. We neuter, vaccinate and microchip all the animals in our care and vet all prospective homes to ensure suitability for animal and owner. We help as many animals as we possibly can, we do not have any age restrictions and we give every animal the care, love and attention they deserve. We never put any animal to sleep unless on veterinary advice. We also neuter feral colonies and help people on low incomes to neuter their pets.





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