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Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

We here at Animal Friends have always been big supporters of charities that help unfortunate animals around the world. We regularly donate to such charities in the form of grants, standard donations and through the medium of our ‘Charity of the Month’ competition. The winners of the competition in January were Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR), who received a donation of £5,000 from ourselves and we thought it would be nice to keep you all updated on how the money is helping this excellent charity with the great work they continue to uphold.

Romania has a large number of stray dogs that are often abused and tortured for amusement and RSDR was set up to combat this awful treatment of the poor dogs that roam the streets of Rudozem. The charity currently has over a 100 dogs that they look after and they are hoping to expand and help even more canines in the future.

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One of the charity’s main aims is to set up a clinic that they can use to start a neuter/spay scheme. At the moment they have to pay the vet 50 euros for each dog that is altered and so it can be difficult for them to raise the funds for each dog. By having their own clinic the charity will have a base of operations where volunteer vets can work for free on a regular basis. A lot of the local vets do not operate using the modern ‘neuter/release’ technique and so having a clinic would mean that RSDR could have volunteer vets come and teach the local vets how use the method.