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The Animal Sanctuary Wilmslow

The Animal Sanctuary, Wilmslow provides care for many abandoned and homeless animals, some of which are rehomed and others that are permanent residents at the sanctuary. It is run by the Humane Education Society, a charitable organisation established in 1927 that developed the Society’s animal sanctuary upon its relocation from Manchester to Wilmslow in the late sixties. The founders’ ethos to help young and disadvantaged people develop compassion through the care of animals continues to be acknowledged today. The Society believes that educating children and enabling them to partake in practical work involving animals will teach them to develop compassion for them, and therefore will contribute to the creation of a more compassionate society.

We've Donated £10,000!

Originally rescuing pit ponies from Lancashire mines, the Society nowadays cares for a multitude of animals from cats and rabbits to ferrets, pigs, hens, donkeys, horses and many others. Whilst some of the animals are rehomed, many live at the sanctuary for the remainder of their lives due to being elderly or too unwell to be rehomed. It is the tireless support of the sanctuary’s staff and volunteers, who generously give up their time, that ensures the animals have the appropriate security and care they otherwise would not have received. The crucial work of the Society means that many of the animals they rescue have been saved from a life of suffering and abandonment.

The Society has created various ways to raise money such as the Sanctuary Shop, various events and the opportunity to leave the gift of a donation in a will. They continue to educate young people about animal welfare by visiting and initiating projects in schools around the Manchester and Cheshire areas.

In 2014 Animal Friends donated £10,000 to assist the Humane Education Society in continuing to rescue and care for unwanted and abandoned animals, and educate young people about the importance of compassion for animals.





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