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The Bat Conservation Trust

The charity works very hard to break the stigma surrounding bats, and their website is a goldmine of facts. Any possible bat query can be answered there, such as what to do if you find a bat in your house, how to proceed with building work near a bat roost, and where to go bat-watching. They even have a hotline for those in urgent need of help or information.

We've Donated £3000!

In May, The Bat Conservation Trust was selected to receive a £1,000 donation as part of Animal Friends’ Employee of the Month scheme. The Bat Conservation Trust works to secure the future of bats in our changing world by monitoring, studying and protecting bats UK’s as well conserving their natural landscapes.

Bats have suffered huge declines in recent history due to loss of roosting habitats. Bats roost in trees, caves and buildings; building renovations, conversions and new developments have all impacted negatively on bats. Changes in farming has resulted in the use of pesticide and the loss of hedgerows, meaning bats have seen their food supply dwindle (insects) and lost vital foraging habitat. Numbers are dangerously low in some bat populations, with fewer than 1000 grey long-eared bats located at just ten roost sites in the country and only one known greater mouse-eared bat left in the UK. (more…)