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The Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

The Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation rescues cats and dogs on the small Thai tropical island of Koh Samui. In addition to taking in and offering the animals food and shelter, they offer free treatment, a spay and neuter program and vaccination programs. They also run the Temple-Project whereby they help to feed the dogs of the temples on the island. Here we have two rescue stories that epitomise the ethos and work efforts of the foundation.


Paraly was involved in a car accident leaving her paralysed on the back legs; she was then dumped at a temple. The monks called the Temple-Team of the ‘Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Samui’ straight away and our team were quick to respond. On arrival they were met by a tail-wagging puppy who displayed such an amazing joy of life that the decision was made to give her a chance to survive. The monks agreed to take care of her and so Jay, Linda and Tom made it their goal for the day to get this little one ‘back on its feet”.

A quick trip to the local shopping centre and the base of a new wheelchair (originally a child’s bicycle) was born. Thanks to the amazing effort of the three long-time-volunteers and the warm heartedness of the monks, who were so keen to help the little one, they agreed to take responsibility of putting the wheelchair on and off every day. Paraly is now a healthy and happy young teenager, rolling around in the temple area. The monks proudly modify the wheelchair every few weeks whenever Paraly has grown another few inches. We feel privileged to have met such an amazingly strong little character like Paraly who has shown us how quickly things can change for the better in life – if you only try….


We recently received a call about a dog with a wound, close to a temple where we work anyway and so our Temple-Team reacted immediately and rushed to the place. When we arrived we found a half-naked dog with maggot filled wounds on her neck and shoulder, she was in a terrible state and to make it worse she had just given birth the week before to 6 babies. This was a difficult situation for us because to take her to the shelter would for sure have resulted in death for the babies and possibly her.

We always try to first vaccinate the animals we take into the shelter. Fortunately the lady who called us said she could give them their medicine twice a day and that mama and babies could stay in her garden. Linda, from the Temple-Team, went every day to clean the wounds, which healed in less than two weeks.  She has finished her mange treatment successfully and has been sterilised a week ago. She is now back ‘at her place’ and totally happy! Out of the 6 babies, 4 have found a home already and we are giving our best to re-home the other two as well.





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