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The Greyhound Sanctuary

The Greyhound Sanctuary‘s main aim is to rescue and rehome abandoned, abused or unwanted greyhounds. Providing kennels or foster homes until the dogs find their forever home. they do this as tens of thousands of dogs are disposed of every year by the British greyhound racing industry – because they fail to make the grade as racers or when their racing days are over.

We've Donated £6000!

The Greyhound Sanctuary is a small, independent charity based in Devon. Established in 2007, our main aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, abused and unwanted greyhounds and lurchers. There is a huge problem with the overbreeding of greyhounds and lurchers for racing and hunting purposes in Ireland and the UK. Many greyhounds will never even race and many thousands are retired each year aged only 2-3 years old. There are simply not enough homes for all of these dogs and many end up being euthanised or abandoned.

Greyhounds and lurchers make wonderful pets, they are gentle, sweet natured, funny, affectionate and usually very lazy! Despite what people may think greyhounds do not need a huge amount of exercise, after a walk they will happily spend the rest of the day snoozing on their bed or a comfy sofa! They are very loyal and loving despite often having had a hard start to life. (more…)