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The Moggery

The Moggery Rehoming Centre rehomes over 250 cats every year. Cats are admitted or fostered, and cared for until they are placed in loving homes. The Moggery cares for cats from all sorts of backgrounds, and will trap and neuter feral colonies, care for the lost and abandoned, or give advice or home cats when owners can no longer manage in difficult circumstances such as when an elderly person enters a nursing home.

We've Donated £4000!

The Moggery first opened its doors in 1997. Since then approximately 250 cats and kittens each year have been admitted, cared for and rehabilitated, and placed in loving new homes. We aim to help with all sorts of local cat problems. This could range from trapping and neutering feral colonies, taking in and re-homing much loved pets of local elderly residents who enter nursing homes, bottle feeding motherless kittens and taking care of the many cats and kittens that are abandoned each year in Bristol; the Moggery will never put a healthy animal to sleep and will offer sanctuary to all our cats until the right home is found for them. (more…)