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Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary Christmas Donation

This Christmas we are celebrating family, and we know every family is unique. A family is what you make it. Like all of us here, you probably consider your pet as a member of your family so we’re taking the time to consider all of the animals across the country that haven’t found their forever homes yet.

We have chosen two very special charities to work with over winter to ensure the animals in their care enjoy a nice Christmas. Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, Bristol, and Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, Manchester, have both received £25k each from us to help towards the costs of running the centres. Not only that, but we are also helping with the fees for rescuing around 50 animal from each centre so that the animals can find their perfect family for life.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary was first registered as a charity in 1982 to provide a safe haven for animals until loving, permanent and responsible new owners could be found. This is very much still their ethos.

We asked the Sanctuary a few questions about the donation, any future plans, and what family means to rehomed pets.


What does the £25k donation mean to you?

With our ever-increasing running costs and veterinary bills, the donation means so much to us. It currently costs around £616,000 a year to keep our sanctuary open. About £100,000 of that is down to the cost of veterinary treatments alone. Without kind donations like this, we would be unable to provide the care needed to all of our fantastic animals. This includes the need for emergency treatments like Josie the Staffy’s tail amputation, Junior who was in desperate need of hydrotherapy and Scooby who needed his sight saving.

What will the money go towards?

The money will go towards our ever increasing veterinary bills and possibly towards the purchase of a nearby field which will guarantee a safe haven for our dogs to be exercised in.

What future projects do you have lined up?

The purchase of a nearby field is our next project. This will guarantee a safe space for our animals to exercise in. It will also enable us to protect some of the local green belt and the wildlife in it.

What can a family do for a rehomed pet?

A family can provide a loving home tailored to the needs of the animal. You’ll be able to provide stability and routine, especially for animals that have been abandoned and neglected and need time to be themselves again. By adopting, you are supporting rescue centres instead of funding puppy farms across the world where millions of dogs are bred for financial gain whilst being kept in appalling conditions. Lastly, you would be supporting the work of volunteers and the rescue centres that care for the misplaced animals that have found themselves in rescue, often through no fault of their own.



As Animal Friends are helping with the rehoming fees it will absolutely help find some special pets a forever, responsible and loving home, and we are so grateful!

To find out more about our Christmas campaign visit our Family Is What You Make It hub. You’ll be able to find your nearest rescue centre on our interactive map, get a quote for your beloved pet, and keep an eye out for our exciting gift guide!


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