12 Days of Christmas Charity Giveaway: SPANA | Animal Friends

12 Days of Christmas Charity Giveaway: SPANA

Written by Jessica Mackie | Wednesday, December 21, 2016

On the ninth day of Christmas Animal Friends donated to SPANA!


SPANA is a charity for the working animals of the world. Since 1923, they have improved the welfare of hardworking animals of all species, from the logging elephants of Burma and the camels of the Sahara, to the over one hundred million working donkeys, horses and mules that act as trucks, tractors and taxis across the developing world.

For animals fortunate enough to enjoy access to SPANA clinics, their vets are often the only hope of a life free from pain and suffering. SPANA not only helps but also educates, helping people learn empathy for their working animals. SPANA works on three main principles:


SPANA do some truly amazing work. Our last donation went towards their Zimbabwe Project which is a mobile clinic who travel around reaching animals that are perhaps too far away, or too sick to be taken to the hospital. This has had a huge impact on animals who would most likely remain untreated.  SPANA is providing a lifeline for animals in Zimbabwe and their owners. They are able to provide critically important veterinary care to both urban and rural working animal owners across the country thanks to the mobile clinic.

Following this our tenth 12 days of Christmas donation is to SPANA for the exciting amount of:


As always, we can’t thank our policy holders enough for continuing to use Animal Friends, as without you we would not be able to make such amazing donations.

‘That is amazing news and very exciting, of course I’m excited on behalf of all the animals who it’ll make a real difference for. Thank you so much’ – Caroline Francis Head of Major Gifts

If you want to find out more or see what SPANA are up to,  give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook or go check out their website.

Merry Christmas to all at SPANA!


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