Horse maintenance and safety

We can help you make sure your horse is as safe and comfortable as they can be.

Maintaining a healthy horse or pony

Discussing maintenance basics including worming, routine vaccinations, hoof care, dental care and saddle fitting

Compulsory microchipping in horses

Looking at The Equine Identification Regulations and what it means for horses and their owners in the UK

Horse Exercise

How much and how often to exercise a horse, with tips to keep them healthy and safe

Caring for horses in hot weather

Discover our five top tips to help look after your horse throughout the hot summer months!

Keeping your horse healthy this winter

Discover our top tips to keep your horse healthy during the cold winter months

Top 10 tips on keeping horses cool in the summer

Excessive heat can be very dangerous for horses - learn how to keep your horse cool and safe during hot weather

How to prevent your horse from spooking

We provide some top tips on how to prevent your horse from spooking to keep your equine safe, healthy and happy.

The need for a suitable environment for horses

Discover the different ways to keep your horse and how to meet their needs.

First aid tips for horses

Learn our top tips on how to provide your horse with first aid should they need it. 

The fight against the horse’s worst enemy: the fly

Read our top tips on ways to protect your horse from flies.