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Pet advice
Pet advice
Pet advice

Buying and adopting a dog

Whether you’re working out which shelters to visit, which harness to buy, or simply thinking about names, we’re here to help.

Getting a pet is an incredibly exciting time in a person’s life, and many of the choices to be made are a huge amount of fun, like picking out beds, collars and pretty bowls, not to mention visiting potential new furry friends.

That said, it’s a big decision, and being as informed as possible will help you make decisions with confidence.

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Getting a dog is really exciting whether you’re buying from a breeder or adopting from a shelter, but doing your research first is essential in making sure you’re well prepared.

That’s why we’ve put together so many articles to help you every step of the way, from the best breeds for first-time owners, to top tips on helping a rescue dog settle into your home and even the potential cost of a new pet.