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KONG Extreme Ball Review

The KONG Extreme Ball is an entertaining toy that comes in two sizes for small and medium/large dogs,, made from natural durable rubber for even the toughest of chewers.

It is a heavy-duty ball with an unpredictable bounce, offering mental and physical stimulation and hours of fun by tapping into dogs’ instinctual need to chase and fetch.

The ball has a 2-3cm hole in the middle of the toy to add your own rope, or fill with tasty kibble and a small dash of xylitol-free peanut butter so it sticks (make sure not to overfeed your dog human treats).

£10-15 Not including P&P

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Safe and durable
Simple toy
Easy to clean the outside
Eco-friendly natural rubber
Fun and unpredictable bounce
Not easy to clean the inside
Treats fall out of the hole

What we like about the product

The KONG Extreme Ball is one of the most durable and affordable products on the market. The thick natural rubber is easy to safely chew and means that dogs cannot break it or accidentally take chunks out of it with their teeth – it’s a great option for large dogs that destroy every other toy.

The hole out the middle provides a fantastic option to create a whole new toy by threading a rope through it. Or, you can add your own treats to the middle of it to create a bit of a challenge and hours more of play time.

You never know which direction the ball is going to bounce in so this provided hours of entertainment for your dog and fulfils their exercise and playtime needs. The KONG toy is made from natural rubber which is a safe and sustainable alternative to plastic toys.

What we don’t like about the product

It is only available in the colour black so it’s not very easy to find if it gets lost in a bush, so it may be worth buying a few if your dog likes to play hide and seek instead of fetch like Lulu!

The KONG Extreme ball is surprisingly light for its size and composition, but it bounces hard and loudly which means care should be taken when bouncing on vinyl or plywood flooring.

The open holes on both ends means that dry kibble treats fall out straight away, which means a sticky substance like peanut butter is needed and can be awkward to clean the inside. Too many human treats are not good for your dog, so always use in moderation, and make sure that any treat you put in does not contain ingredients which are poisonous to dogs.

The final verdict

Lulu goes crazy for the KONG ball and it has been a firm favourite for many years. We give The KONG ball a near-perfect score because it’s a solid, sustainable, safe and easy to use toy which offers both physical and mental stimulation for hours on end. She has not let it out of her sight for days!


Lulu is an 8-year-old Collie x Staffie. Weighing 23kg, she is a gentle giant and can be found squishing her humans as she likes to think of herself as a lap dog! Lulu is just as energetic as she was when she was a puppy, and even though her muzzle is greying she is a spring chicken who loves nothing more than chasing birds around the farm she lives on. Lulu loves attention, is a massive cuddle bug and she goes crazy for her favourite Wagg treats.