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Pooch Play product review

Pooch Play is a dog activity tracker that can tell you how active your dog is, monitoring everything from a sniff around the garden to an afternoon nap. It’s a Bluetooth activated device that links to an app on your phone. The app can store information about your pet, making it easy to share with family, dog walkers or the vet. It also allows you to set up reminders for things like vaccinations, or flea and worming treatment dates.

Ease of use




Our rating


Smart and compact looking
Durable & waterproof design
Can track overall daily movements
Couldn’t get the app on my phone (iPhone 7+)
App didn’t give the option for 2020 date of birth
Can’t individually record data for walks
Doesn’t record the GPS location

What we like about the product

The product arrived in a smart box, with clear instructions on how to use it. The tracker is quite small so doesn’t bother Zuko when attached to his collar or harness. The device is waterproof and looks durable. The app is easy to navigate and has clear percentage recording, moves made and a graph all on one page so you can see how much movement your pet has made throughout that day.

What we don’t like about the product

First of all, when I tried to download the app on my iPhone 7+, I couldn’t find it on the app store at all. The instructions say that it is available on iPhone and Android, but this was not the case. Luckily my partner has an Android phone and he was able to download the app onto his device. This isn’t ideal as if I lived alone, I wouldn’t have been able to use the product at all, and if my partner isn’t at home then I can’t view the app data.

You can also only link the device to one phone, so if multiple people would like to see the tracking information then this has to be done when you are together.

When setting up the app you are asked to enter some information about your pet, so that it can work out the recommended amount of exercise and food intake for their breed and age. This was a problem straight away as the most recent date of birth that you can set is 31 December 2019, there is no option for a 2020 date of birth. Zuko was born in March 2020 so the app thinks he is 3 months older than he is. This creates inaccurate data as he needs less exercise and food now than he will need at 8 months old.

Due to the tracker constantly recording, even with it thinking Zuko is older than he is, he usually reaches well above the recommended exercise amount by the early evening and that’s just from playing in the house and garden before we have even taken him for his 20 to 30-minute walk. So, I’m not convinced that the data is very accurate as a whole. You can’t manually record a single walk or play session either as the app just works on how many ‘moves’ the pet makes throughout the entire day.

The final verdict

Overall, I’m disappointed with the product. I was excited about using it, but the app wasn’t fit for purpose which was a massive let down from the beginning. I would say this is more of a basic step counter than an activity tracker as you cannot log manual activity or walks, and it does not track your location data. Not being able to have the correct date of birth means the data will be incorrect and therefore is pretty pointless for me and Zuko. I do not think it’s worth £40 and I would be inclined to return the product.


Zuko is a 5-month-old Boston Terrier. He is very mischievous and is full of energy. He loves to run around in the garden and jump over things. He also loves to explore on walks and gets very excited when he bumps into his doggy pals in the park or when he meets a new human to play with! When Zuko isn’t running around like a crazy ball of chaos, he will chill out by having a snooze on my lap or snuggled up in his bed with lots of cosy blankets. Zuko loves his sleep and we like to think of ourselves very lucky as we have never had to get up with him in the night and he will happily snooze until around 8am! He absolutely adores his food and will do a sit or a lie down before you even ask him if he knows there is a treat involved!