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Zicosy Snuffle Mat review

The Zicosy Snuffle Mat for dogs encourages a dog’s natural foraging (and sometimes digging) skills as it puts their nose and brain to work as they try to find the treats hiding in the meadow-style fabric. It’s a simple concept which can be solved quickly but provides some entertainment to dogs and owners alike.

According to the Zicosy Snuffle Mat’s description, it’s made from upcycled cotton and polyester with a non-slip bottom to let dogs find the food hidden amongst the tassels. It can be used to hide some treats or even as a fun alternative to the normal dinner time routine.

Price: £14-£28. Not including P&P

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Machine washable
A fun alternative to mealtimes
Perfect for smaller breeds
Light and portable
A bit small for bigger dogs
Fabric tassels can detach
Too easy for smarter dogs
Not very thick or deep

What we like about the product

We like that the mat is big enough to be used by a collie but small enough so that it’s not too obtrusive in our living room. It doesn’t slip, which is a bonus for dogs with a heavy nose, but our Harley has taken to digging at the mat when she is all out of treats or kibble!

What we don’t like about the product

We would have liked for it to be a little bigger, but the measurements are available on the listing before you buy. We don’t think it’s suitable for anything much bigger than a Border Collies and its material is unsuitable for any heavy chewers or scratchers.

The final verdict

Harley found this mat easy to figure out, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable for her to use. This was a puzzle she didn’t need guidance with and managed to snuffle the kibble free from the grasp of the curling tassels. It’s a simple but entertaining puzzle that’s perfect for providing some enrichment when eating food from a bowl gets too repetitive.

Harley and Marvel

Marvel is a 6-year-old collie, always closely followed by his shadow, Harley, who is two. They’re two completely different dogs, Marvey Moo is a wise pooch while Harley Quinn is the clumsy one but they both keep us entertained! They love long walks on the beach, playing fetch and cuddles on the sofa.