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Puppy Advice

There are lots of things to consider when keeping your puppy safe, happy and healthy. Here, you’ll find guides, tips and advice on puppy care and training to help you give your puppy the best possible start in life and avoid any potential problems later on.

Buying and adopting

Getting a dog is such an exciting time! Check out our breed guide, buying advice and tips on welcoming your puppy into your home to help make sure you’re well prepared for your new friend’s arrival.

Basic training

Training is vital in helping your puppy grow to become a well-balanced and happy dog. Learn what to expect, and training techniques that will help you to succeed in this key developmental stage.

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Key risks and issues

Your puppy depends on you to keep them safe and healthy. Here you’ll find the dos and don’ts of dog ownership, and some of the crucial responsibilities that you will have to attend-to as an owner.

Diet and nutrition

A healthy weight is key to a puppy’s happiness and wellbeing. Understand your puppy’s nutritional requirements, the types of food available and the do’s and don’ts of feeding your new pet.

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Behaviour and socialisation

Training a puppy correctly is vital to ensure ensure they interact appropriately with other animals and humans – The PupStart timelines, checklists and instructional articles will help your puppy become a well-adjusted adult dog.

Health and wellbeing

Tips and advice on common illnesses, symptoms and preventative measures, your puppy’s exercise requirements, mental and physical stimulation, and maintaining their coat and teeth!

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