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Dog Breeds

Choosing a dog to add to the family is an exciting prospect, and a crucial part of this decision is choosing a breed.

Most people already have a favourite in mind, maybe based on looks or what their parents had while they were growing up, but some people don’t realise that there’s is more of a difference between dog breeds than looks alone. Different dog breeds vary hugely in temperament, making them more or less suitable for different home set ups, whereas some are less challenging to train. You could even choose a breed based on whether or not they are likely to trigger allergies, or their size.

There is a perfect breed for any prospective owner, and doing your research is key to a long and happy life with your new best friend. Whether you fall in love with a pedigree pup or a little crossbreed, there are thousands of potential options, so we’re here to help you find out more about all the different dogs out there.

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Here at Animal Friends we’re passionate about animal care, and finding a home that’s a perfect fit is the most important first stage of a dog’s life.

If you’re looking for more information about your favourite dog breed, or you’re looking around to figure out what might be best for you, Animal Friends has you covered. We’ve put together some handy guides to some of the nation’s most popular dog breeds, as well as pages concerning special care or consideration different breeds might need over their lifetime.

See below some popular breed guides
Bichon frise
Golden retriever
Labrador retriever
Lhasa aspo
Staffordshire bull terrier
Jack russel terrier
Yorkshire terrier
Shih Tzu

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There are hundreds of pure breeds out there, not to mention crosses and mixes, and every dog is an individual. However, knowing their genetic makeup can give you some insights as to how they might behave as they grow up, and what their particular strengths may turn out to be.

If you don’t see the breed you’re looking for, why not get in touch on Twitter or Facebook? We’d love to hear from you which dog breeds you’d like to learn more about.

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