Will you apply exclusions to a new policy?

Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by this policy and will be excluded. 

We consider a condition to be pre-existing if your pet showed any signs or symptoms of it before your cover start date, whether they needed treatment previously or not.  

We can start covering some conditions again if they haven’t needed – or been recommended to have – treatment from you or the vet in the last 24 months. If a vet says a condition does need treatment during this time, and you delay getting it, we won’t cover that condition.  

We’ll also exclude conditions if any signs or symptoms started within the first 14 days of you taking out the policy or any accidents within the first 2 days. 

If your pet develops a condition in one part of their body that they’ve previously had in another part of their body, we’ll class it as one condition. This is called a ‘bilateral condition’,  

So if your pet damaged their left cruciate ligament before you took out this policy, you won’t be covered if they later damage their right cruciate ligament.  

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