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Effective grooming for pets

a dog being washed

Does your dog or cat avoid the bathroom completely? Do they run away when you get the grooming brush out of the cupboard? You’re probably not alone. There are plenty of ways to make sure your pet eventually comes to love being groomed because, after all, it does help keep them healthy.

If this is something you don’t already do make sure to start small, one thing at a time until your pet seems comfortable with each activity.

So, where should you start?

Tips for brushing your dog or cat

Brushing your dog and cat is important to keep their coat in tip top condition, as well as helping their skin stay healthy, too. Making sure you brush your pet regularly will help get rid of the dead or damaged hair before they drop to your carpet.

If you don’t brush your pet often then they might not be too happy if you start brushing them every day so, make sure to start with a short brush once a week and gradually building up the minutes. Once they’re happy with it you can look at brushing them every day, if they need it.

What to look out for while brushing

When you’re brushing your cat or dog this will allow you to check for things that shouldn’t be there. Always look out for any lumps or bumps that you haven’t seen before and speak to your vet if you’re concerned about any changes in your pet.

Being this close and personal with your pet will allow you to check for ticks or spot any fleas if they have any.

Bathing tips

With pets, it can be quite hard to know how often they need a bath and it will vary depending on breed and whether or not they like rolling in poo…

a border collie having a bath

When you do decide to bath your dog make sure you use a dog shampoo. This is because a dog’s skin is different to ours, so their shampoo will be perfectly suited for their skin.

The same rule applies to cats. You will also want to take things a little slower with cats as they might get scared, especially if the water’s too deep. Make sure to keep your cat treats close as these will be a handy distraction.

Top tip for bathing a dog:

If your dog is anything like mine and loves peanut butter, then this top tip is for you! Spread some peanut butter on the tiles around your bath or shower and let your dog enjoy a good treat while you wash them. Magic.

Things to look out for:

While grooming you’ll be getting close to your pet’s paws, nails, ears, teeth and eyes. While you should always try to monitor any changes in your dog or cat’s behaviour, they might be very good at hiding any alignments, illnesses or injuries so grooming your pet is the perfect time to check that everything is as it should be.


  • Check for any cuts on their paws and pads.
  • Check for any sneaky grass seeds or nasty ticks hiding between their toes.


  • Check the condition and length of your pet’s nails.


  • If your dog or cat shakes their ear or constantly scratches at their ears it could mean they have an infection.
  • Check to see if there are any unusual smells from your pet’s ears, this could also indicate an infection.


  • Check your pet’s teeth for any cracked or damage gnashers.
  • Make sure you are providing suitable chew toys, treats and food for your pet and their teeth.


  • Check to make sure there’s no discharge, redness, or unusual glaze to your pet’s eyes and make sure to speak to your vet if you have any concerns.

If your pet is still young make sure to start grooming early, so they have a chance to get used to it, this way it will be easier to groom them as they get older. If your pet is older then it’s still possible to enjoy grooming with lots of positive reinforcement and treats.

Different breeds will have different needs so make sure to do lots of research on breed-specific grooming needs.

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