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Unexpected Costs of Owning a Pet

Although it is easier to calculate how much caring for your pet will cost on a daily basis, it can be difficult to anticipate any unexpected costs you may encounter. There are many animals left at shelters throughout the UK every year because their owners are faced with an unforeseen expense and are unable to provide their pet with the care they need. Pets are expensive to begin with, but it is also important to note any other costs that may arise throughout your pet’s life. You need to make sure that you are financially prepared for every eventuality before deciding to adopt a pet, and that you have taken all measures to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Animal pregnancy is an unexpected cost for some pet owners. Spaying and neutering is highly recommended for preventing unwanted litters but if you decide not to, or your pet is too old, then you need to be prepared for the possibility that your pet could become pregnant. Preventative measures you can take are keeping your pet away from other animals while they are in season and supervising them carefully. Many animals are abandoned at shelters because their owners aren’t prepared for an unexpected pregnancy, and they don’t have the amount of money and time required to care for the newborn animals.

There may be a time when you experience an emergency involving your pet. This could be a variety of things, from an unforeseen deterioration in health to an animal attack, and the result might prove extremely costly. Although you will do everything in your power to protect your pet there are no guarantees, so make sure you can afford to give them the care they will need in an emergency situation. Only get a new pet if you know this is the case, as it is unfair for the animal to be left in a critical state without you being able to provide for them.

The cost of keeping your pet clean is surprisingly expensive, and may be something you haven’t considered. Shampoo and conditioner, brushes and grooming are all essential in ensuring your pet stays hygienic and healthy. Dental care including toothpaste and toothbrushes, plus any visits to the vet to check your pet’s teeth, can also add to the cost of pet care.

Regular treatments to deter fleas and worms are another necessary expense. Keeping your house clean can be challenging when sharing it with a pet, as floating hairs gathering in corners and any unpleasant pet smells can be expensive to eradicate completely. Be sure before obtaining a pet that you are prepared for a bit of mess, and that you can afford to keep both your pet and your home clean in order to maintain your pet’s health.

Bear in mind before adopting an animal that your new pet may damage your furniture. Your silk curtains could fall victim to your cat’s claws, whilst your new puppy might enjoy chewing on your expensive sofa. You need to have patience with any new pet in such circumstances, and think about whether you can afford to account for any accidents.

You may not realise how many times you will have to replace an item you have bought for your pet, and how much this will cost. The bed that you buy for your pet now won’t last forever, and will need to be replaced many times over the course of their life. You will find that some things that were suitable for your puppy are too small for an adult pet, whilst toys that stimulated a younger pet may not entertain them in adulthood. Even if you are sparing with the treats and toys, the accumulated cost of such items can be expensive.

Although it is difficult and sometimes impossible to predict what the unexpected costs of owning a pet will be, you should always be prepared. Calculate everything your pet will need and factor in a fund for emergencies. Only adopt an animal if you feel you can cover any unexpected costs.

To find out more about the costs of owning a pet, visit our blog, article and guide pages. Insuring your pet gives you peace of mind that you and your pet will be covered if anything were to happen. Animal Friends offer a range of policies for dogs, cats and horses, and we also insure older pets.


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