Our visit to Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre

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Our visit to Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre 2
Charity visit

This week we popped into Oak and Furrows – a wildlife rescue centre based in the Blakehill Farm nature reserve near Cricklade – to give them a donation of £11,000. The charity was founded in 2006 with a true passion for helping animals. The centre has relocated and expanded along the way and looked after a massive 4404 animal patients last year, a number which represents a doubling of patients since 2014.

The staff at Oak and Furrows never stop, their passion for helping animals in need is 24/7, 365 days a year. The centre receives no government funding so relies on help and donations from the public.

Earlier on in the year the charity was struggling to find the funds they would need to carry on in 2018. They needed to raise £50,000 to avoid closure with the cost of running the site piling up to around £20,000 a month. So we decided to donate £11,000 towards funding the centre. We were delighted to be able to contribute towards this fantastic charity to ensure that the animals will be able to receive the care they need into the future.

Our visit to Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre

Helping hedgehogs

On our visit we were warmly welcomed by Charles Pope, the charity’s CEO, and introduced to the hardworking staff and some of the animals in their care. We got to meet a curious hedgehog and a beautiful tawny owl. It was great to learn about the animals and how they end up in rescue centres just like Oak and Furrows. What was of particular interest was how hedgehogs are now very much under threat. This iconic animal of the British countryside could, without all our combined efforts, vanish from our landscape as their numbers are plummeting.

How we can help

Slug pellets are a major contributor to hedgehog fatalities, and with summer around the corner you might be getting the pellets out to protect your summer flower arrangements. Please don’t. Not only are they harmful to our pets but to hedgehogs too, who unknowingly feed on slugs who might have the pellets inside them.

Our visit to Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue Centre 1

Hedgehogs are also under threat from development and habitat loss and charities are definitely seeing the impact. Oak and Furrows are seeing more hedgehogs through their doors today than they have over the last twelve years. Please make room in your garden for hedgehogs.

If you find a hedgehog or another animal in need, make sure to call your local rescue centre who can help you and tell you what you’ll need to do next. If you haven’t found any needy animals but want to help those in rescue centres nationwide, they will often have wish lists and/or fundraisers on their website or social media pages.

If you’re local to Oak and Furrows they are always in need of:

  • Newspapers
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Pillowcases
  • Kitchen roll
  • Cat and dog food
  • Washing up liquid

Your donation will be helping all sorts of animals, from birds of prey to orphaned deer.  If you’re not local but still want to help, Oak and Furrows also have an Amazon Wish List for the donations they need. Check out their website to see all the work they do to save Wiltshire’s wildlife.

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