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5 Reasons why I love my Labrador

Each family has their favourite breed of dog, and this is often passed down from generation to generation. You have the houses with the crazy collies or the couple who adore their kooky King Charles Spaniels and then there’s the Lab-obsessed.

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds, especially favoured by those with young children. What makes these dogs so great?

They give the best cuddles

These affectionate pooches are the best dogs to end the day with on the sofa with snuggles. They will never turn down the chance to cuddle unless there’s food around of course! Food first, cuddles later.

They never really get old

While their bodies age, they’re still a pup inside. Whether they’re three or thirteen, these dogs are ready to tackle whatever the day brings their way. Their selflessness and adorableness last for as long as they live.

They’re clever… sometimes

Labradors are smart dogs and they aim to please their humans which makes them highly trainable. On the other hand, sometimes they can often forget what they’ve been told which often results in a too-cute-for-words turn of the head.

It’s always playtime

Do they ever stop? Nope. It might be the breed’s endless enthusiasm, but they would be happy playing all day long. Whatever the weather and wherever they are, it’s playtime all the time.

They’re always there

Whatever I need, whenever I need it, they’re there to provide it. From cuddles after a long day’s work to playful distractions after a long week. These pooches are the best type of friend to have and their love is truly priceless.

These loyal canines are one of the coolest and funniest dogs and they’ll have their quirks which owners fall in love with again and again. What do you love about your Labrador? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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