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A dog’s dinner – what to feed your pet for Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year, so it comes as no surprise that so many people want to involve their pets in the festivities and even feed them some of the food that’s served over the holiday. It’s fair to say our dogs will circle the dinner table or lie by our feet just waiting for someone to drop some turkey or a dollop of potato.

So, what exactly can you feed your dog at Christmas, and what should avoid the food bowl at all costs?

Christmas dinner foods that dogs can eat…


Turkey is fine but avoid feeding any darker bits and be sure to remove any bones. So, cut up any lean, white pieces of turkey for your dog to enjoy with the rest of your family.


Chunks of boiled potato or plain mash are also fine to be enjoyed by your dog. Try not to give them too much potato as it’s quite starchy but fine in a balanced Christmas dinner for your pooch.


While you might have some members of the family avoiding the peas and other greens like the plague, your dog probably won’t say no to the extra food. Some peas, carrots, parsnips, Brussel sprouts (eww), broccoli and cauliflower are okay but be sure to avoid onions, leeks and corn on the cob and any vegetables cooked in fat, butter or oil.

But don’t feed your dog…


Avoid pouring gravy over your dog’s portion of dinner as it’s not only high in fats and salts but can also contain onions which can be toxic for dogs.

Fatty foods

Foods like bacon, cheese, pigs in blanket and cranberry sauce should be avoided as foods like these can lead to pet obesity.


While a favourite amongst most humans, dogs shouldn’t be given stuffing as they often contain onions and garlic.


Chocolate is toxic to dogs and must never be given as a treat or snack as even the smallest amounts can sometimes prove fatal. Over Christmas, chocolate seems to be everywhere so things like advent calendars, tree decorations, and selection boxes must be kept away from our canine friends.

Mince pies and other puddings

Mincemeat, currants, raisins, and sultanas are also toxic to dogs so they shouldn’t be given a mince pie over the Christmas period. You’ll also want to avoid Christmas puddings, fruit cakes and stollen as they have a mixture of dangerous dried fruits and sometimes alcohol.

With this list of dos and don’ts, your dog should be able to tuck into a Christmas dinner of their own.

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