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Pet advice
Pet advice
Pet advice

Cat maintenance and safety

Here you’ll find the more general cat care advice and guides, from individual grooming needs to keeping them healthy, clean and comfortable.

While our cats tend to groom themselves to keep their coat and skin in tip-top condition, others will need a helping hand every so often.

For more grooming advice or tips on their safety, check out our articles below.

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How to weigh your pet at home

Read our guide to keeping track of your pet’s weight regardless of their size

Exercising your indoor cat

Ways to ensure your indoor cat exercises, especially when they don’t have access to the outdoors.

Protecting your cat from wasps and bees

A guide to protecting your cat from wasps and bees, their stings and how to treat your pet

Cats Microchipping

Find out more about microchipping cats, the associated costs and things to remember following the procedure

Cat allergies: symptoms & treatment

Learn about common cat allergies, their symptoms and how you should treat them

Getting your kitten vaccinated – what you need to know

Learn about kitten vaccinations – why we need them, the diseases they prevent and the duration of immunity

How do I keep an indoor cat happy?

Read our top tips on how to ensure your indoor cat is happy and healthy.

Find out why some cats are scared of water

Understand why some cats dislike water and how it differs breed to breed

What to Do When Your Cat Is Not Eating

Learn what to do, and how to help, when your feline friend refuses to eat.

A Guide to Different Cat Coats

Learn about the various colours and patterns that cat coats typically have.

Caring for an Old Cat

Find out the best ways to care for a cat in their senior years.

Kitten-Proofing Your Home

Read our essential tips on how to ensure your home is safe for when you bring your new kitten home.

Choosing a cattery

Discover what to check and the questions to ask before deciding on a cattery


Grooming our cats comes with its benefits, from checking for unwanted pests to providing a great chance for bonding.

Here you’ll find our articles, tips and guides on all things cat safety and maintenance, and everything else you need to know to effectively keep them happy and healthy at home and while they’re out and about.